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Oct 6, 2012 8:45pm EDT
elections on the west bank, when i said, and others said, and barack obama said, "big mistake. hamas will win. you'll legitimize them." what happened. hamas won. when we kicked -- along with france, we kicked hezbollah out of lebanon, i said and barack said, "move nato forces in there. fill the vacuum, because if you don't know -- if you don't, hezbollah will control it." now what's happened. hezbollah is a legitimate part of the government in the country immediately to the north of israel. the fact of the matter is, the policy of this administration has been an abject failure. and speaking of freedom being on the march, the only thing on the march is iran. it's closer to a bomb. its proxies now have a major stake in lebanon, as well as in the gaza strip with hamas. we will change this policy with thoughtful, real, live diplomacy that understands that you must back israel in letting them negotiate, support their negotiation, and stand with them, not insist on policies like this administration has. >> has this administration's policy been an abject failure, as the senator says,
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1